About Us

Lavender Willow is a passion project to honor my grandmother who died in late 2018. My grandmother came from modest beginnings and went on to live a rich full life. She fought for opportunities and made her own advantages. She believed you could find luxury daily and on any budget. She taught me that quality was always better than quantity.

We at Lavender Willow strive to bring you luxury at an everyday price point. We all define luxury differently so we want you to find yours right here. One day’s luxury is breakfast in bed and other days it’s wearing diamonds with yoga pants.

The name Lavender Willow was born from two of my favorite things. Lavender itself is relaxing, soothing and comforting. Willow trees are strong but beautiful. They are able to bend and move with the wind. When I think about my grandmother she was just that – a Lavender Willow, strong and comforting.

At Lavender Willow, we believe in giving back to our community. I currently sit on the board of The Animal Emergency Endowment and we donate 10% of every sale to help the animals who need it the most.
The Animal Emergency Endowment
You can learn more about
The Animal Emergency Endowment on
their website or find them on Facebook