Shopping for apparel online can be frustrating and intimidating, because most
shops only provide a generic sizing chart. That's crazy, it's almost impossible to gauge what will fit you just right, based only on a generic sizing chart. Each item deserves its own measurements. This is a highlight, as to why you should purchase from our shop, as we provide individual measurements for each piece.

For the best fit, we highly recommend you choose your size based on the
individual product measurements and descriptions, which are provided vs the actual
size i.e small, medium, large, etc. We do not have a standard sizing chart, because each piece measures differently. All clothing items are true to their measurements. However, loose fitting and stretchy items are more forgiving than fitted items. 

Don't fret if you get it wrong, as we happily accept exchanges, see
the refund and shipping policies for details. We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Feel free to ask questions at